Bank of Ceylon [SL]AAA Stable
Hayleys PLC [SL]AA- Negative
Access Engineering PLC [SL]A+ Stable
ACL Cables PLC [SL]A+ Stable
JAT Holdings(Pvt)Limited [SL]A+ Stable
MCB Bank Limited (Sri Lanka Branch) [SL]A+ Stable
Commercial Leasing and Finance PLC [SL]A


Lanka ORIX Leasing Company PLC [SL]A Stable
LOLC Finance PLC [SL]A Stable
Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka and Finance PLC [SL]A Stable
Regional Development Bank [SL]A Stable
State Mortgage & Investment Bank [SL]A Stable
BRAC Lanka Finance PLC [SL]A- Stable
Capital Alliance Limited [SL]A- Stable
Construction Guarantee Fund [SL]A- Stable
First Capital Holdings PLC [SL]A- Stable
First Capital Treasuries Limited [SL]A- Stable
Nawaloka Hospitals PLC [SL]A- Negative
Vidullanka PLC [SL]A- Negative
Asia Asset Finance PLC [SL]BBB+ Stable
Citizens Development Business Finance PLC [SL]BBB+ Stable
E B Creasy and Company PLC [SL]BBB+ Stable
Abans Auto Private Limited [SL]BBB Stable
Commercial Credit and Finance PLC [SL]BBB Stable
Dunamis Capital PLC [SL]BBB Stable
Liberty Holdings Limited [SL]BBB Stable
Rainco (Pvt) Limited [SL]BBB Stable
Softlogic Holdings PLC [SL]BBB Stable
Union Bank of Colombo PLC [SL]BBB Stable
Janashakthi PLC [SL]BBB Negative
Sanasa Development Bank PLC [SL]BBB- Positive
Alliance Finance Company PLC [SL]BBB- Stable
Ceylon Tea Brokers PLC [SL]BBB- Stable
EAP Broadcasting Company Ltd [SL]BBB- Stable
Sri Lanka Savings Bank PLC [SL]BBB- Stable
Trade Finance and Investments PLC [SL]BBB- Stable
Vallibel Finance PLC [SL]BBB- Stable
Orient Finance PLC [SL]BB+ Stable
Softlogic Finance PLC [SL]BB+ Stable
MTD Walkers PLC [SL]BB+ Negative
Arpico Finance Company PLC [SL]BB Stable
Associated Motor Finance Company PLC [SL]BB Stable
Quikpak (Pvt) Ltd [SL]BB Stable
UB Finance Company Limited [SL]BB Stable
Lankem Ceylon PLC [SL]BB- Negative
ICICI Bank Limited (Sri Lanka Branch)   Withdrawn
LOLC Micro Credit Limited   Withdrawn
Pan Asia Banking Corporation PLC   Withdrawn
Nation Lanka Finance PLC   Suspended