Bank of Ceylon [SL]AAA Stable
Hayleys PLC [SL]AA- Negative
Access Engineering PLC [SL]A+ Stable
ACL Cables PLC [SL]A+ Stable
JAT Holdings(Pvt)Limited [SL]A+ Stable
MCB Bank Limited (Sri Lanka Branch) [SL]A+ Stable
Commercial Leasing and Finance PLC [SL]A


Lanka ORIX Leasing Company PLC [SL]A Stable
LOLC Finance PLC [SL]A Stable
Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka and Finance PLC [SL]A Stable
Regional Development Bank [SL]A Stable
State Mortgage & Investment Bank [SL]A Stable
BRAC Lanka Finance PLC [SL]A- Stable
Capital Alliance Limited [SL]A- Stable
Construction Guarantee Fund [SL]A- Stable
First Capital Holdings PLC [SL]A- Stable
First Capital Treasuries Limited [SL]A- Stable
Vidullanka PLC [SL]A- Stable
Nawaloka Hospitals PLC [SL]A- Negative
Asia Asset Finance PLC [SL]BBB+ Stable
Citizens Development Business Finance PLC [SL]BBB+ Stable
E B Creasy and Company PLC [SL]BBB+ Stable
Commercial Credit and Finance PLC [SL]BBB Stable
Dunamis Capital PLC [SL]BBB Stable
Rainco (Pvt) Limited [SL]BBB Stable
Softlogic Holdings PLC [SL]BBB Stable
Union Bank of Colombo PLC [SL]BBB Stable
Janashakthi PLC [SL]BBB Negative
Sanasa Development Bank PLC [SL]BBB- Positive
Alliance Finance Company PLC [SL]BBB- Stable
Ceylon Tea Brokers PLC [SL]BBB- Stable
EAP Broadcasting Company Ltd [SL]BBB- Stable
Sri Lanka Savings Bank PLC [SL]BBB- Stable
Trade Finance and Investments PLC [SL]BBB- Stable
Vallibel Finance PLC [SL]BBB- Stable
Orient Finance PLC [SL]BB+ Stable
Softlogic Finance PLC [SL]BB+ Stable
MTD Walkers PLC [SL]BB+ Negative
Arpico Finance Company PLC [SL]BB Stable
Associated Motor Finance Company PLC [SL]BB Stable
UB Finance Company Limited [SL]BB Stable
Lankem Ceylon PLC [SL]BB- Negative
Abans Auto Private Limited   Withdrawn
ICICI Bank Limited (Sri Lanka Branch)   Withdrawn
Liberty Holdings Limited   Withdrawn
LOLC Micro Credit Limited   Withdrawn
Pan Asia Banking Corporation PLC   Withdrawn
Quikpak (Pvt) Ltd   Withdrawn
Nation Lanka Finance PLC   Suspended